Mind Apples

As many of you know i am always on the search for new information and websites around mental health (for proof check out my list in the Self Advocacy section here:http://www.vik.org.uk/advocacy/kats-list/).

I recently stumbled across a site with a wonderfully catchy title; Mind Apples. This site has been set up to share all of those little things that we can do to keep mentally healthy, just like we need our “5 a day” in terms of fruit and vegetables to nourish our body we need to do things to nourish our minds and keep them healthy too.

They must be on to a good idea too as they’ve just won two awards for innovation so a big round of applause for them! It’s not easy to do something so positive and pro-active in such an unstable time.

The website itself can be found here: http://mindapples.org/

And they also have a Facebook, Twitter and Flickr account:




But what do you do to keep yourself mentally healthy?


First published 15th May 2011:



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