London Launch of Rethink Your Mind

Yesterday i attended the London launch of “Rethink Your Mind”. They are running a competition to help raise positive awareness of mental health and to help change attitudes.
Based on the sentence “With good mental health i have..” they are encouraging people to submit their art, photography and poems to be made into a book.

Entries are accepted from 10th October (World Mental Health Day) until the 31st of January 2013.
You can upload your work onto the website at Rethinkyourmind.
Or post it to them directly along with your contact details (check website for postal address).

The event yesterday launched the competition and we also heard from speakers from a wide array of very well respected organisations including Bipolar Aware, SiSo and NSUN.

We had interesting, sometimes heart-warming, at points heart breaking speeches from representatives from these organisations and from Peter, the man who’s brainchild “Rethink your mind” is. It was Peter, in particular, who really shone out for me and i immediately pounced on him during a break to tell him how inspiring the work he has done is!

I also got to meet and speak with some really wonderful, like minded people, made a lot of contacts, certainly learnt a lot and walked away feeling confident, happy and desperate to spread the message of Rethinkyourmind.

I would strongly recommend you all check out the website and spread the word!

Check out this Rethinkyourmind.

Or find them on social media:

Rethinkyourmind on Facebook.



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