Do we really care about cyclists in London?

After 5 cyclists in London died in the last 9 days it’s time to start asking some serious questions

ReverendRyu Writes . . .

Unprecedented and extraordinary cycle deaths leave London bewildered – BBC UK



“Five cycling deaths in nine days is unprecedented and extraordinary and there is no doubt it has left many people in London bewildered.”

Bewildered? Really? I’ve been a cycle courier in london, both motor- and bi-, and there’s one constant, one truth amongst couriers – london hates cyclists. The point being – in our day to day existence, performance is critical. if our performance is less than 100%, we burden ourselves with fear & doubt – brought upon us by the constant drive to achieve unattainable perfection, which is plastered across every single form of public media from here to Kathmandu.

This drive for perfection affects us deeply, as individuals. It makes us less caring for our fellow man when we in times of stress: we see them as unnecessary complications or distractions, they just don’t matter; only…

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