Kenny Johnston
Suicide Survivor, Founder & CEO at CLASP 

Katherine proactive and focused drive to increase Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention is unique. Utilising every means available, Katherine seeks to turn a negative situation into a positive outcome and succeeds by being ensuring she disappoint anyone especially herself. Working with Katherine is a pleasure, plus her positive character and bubbly personality makes the most difficult tasks achievable.

Rachel Egan
Marketing Assistant at The Aldridge Foundation 

Kat has brought a wealth of skills and experience to her role as trustee at CLASP. She is passionate, driven and has excellent project management skills and has been a key player in organising both ‘Walking out of darkness’ events. She is a vibrant communicator with superb knowledge of the digital sector including website design and social media and brings a refreshing and honest approach to youth work and mental health campaigning. 

Thomas Manah
Sports Endurance Account Manager at ACTIVE network

I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Kate as a trustee for CLASP charity. Kat’s experience, knowledge and passion to drive forward ideas are unsurpassed. When Kat gets involved in a project you can consider it ‘job done’. 

Throughout my career I’ve worked with some very impressive individuals, but Kat is probably the only person I’ve come across who has such an infectious energy. 

She’s incredibly personable, extremely passionate and highly intelligent. She’d be an absolute asset to any organisation. 


Jo Eaton
Engagement & Support Manager at YouthNet

Katherine has helped us to deliver some peer to peer sessions online for small groups of young people getting support around Depression and Anxiety. The role involves active listening, emotional support and signposting and Kat’s insight and experience has added great value to the sessions. We’d be likely to work with Kat again in the future! 

Helen Williams
Team Leader at YouthNet

Katherine has worked with YouthNet on a freelance basis for a number of years supporting both face-to-face workshop days and online support sessions with 16-25 year-olds. We immediately felt confident about involving Katherine in our work as she is extremely personable and is keen to share her in-depth knowledge of mental health support. 

As part of the development of http://www.madlyinlove.org, she led a co-creation session with young people to help us understand their needs and experiences in relationships when mental health difficulties are a factor. We were able to use the insights generated in this session to develop a series of extremely popular videos as part of the project. 

In the last year Katherine’s made a really positive impact on our live chat service helping to scope and test a new format for peer support, as well as providing advice and guidance in a Q&A session about crisis plans. She has consistently developed good relationships with our online community and has been a great advocate for our services.

James Pickstone
Engagement and Support Officer at YouthNet

Through her work as an online workshop facilitator, Katherine helped provide quality support to groups of young people. Her natural empathy, experience and ability to communicate effectively on multiple levels were key in the success of the workshops she led.

Louie Rodrigues 
Marketing and Communications Officer at YouthNet

Katherine is a dedicated and talented individual who brings energy into every project she works on. She has an outstanding knowledge of mental health and what it takes to run a successful campaign. I worked with Katherine on the Define Me project at YouthNet, which was set up to help young people talk to employers. Katherine organised a talk for the young people, but also gave me advice on running a successful day that left the young people inspired. 

Grabbing the attention of the 12 attendees, Katherine gave a fantastic insight into working for a small charity. She also covered what it takes to stand out to an employer, and we had nothing but fantastic feedback from the attendees. I hope to work with Katherine in the near future and envy anyone that gets to have her on their team!

Buddy Enterprises Ltd

Nicky Runeckles
Monticola Consulting Ltd.

Kat is driven by a desire to use her personal experiences to improve and change services for the better for all. She is warm, generous and a loyal, hard worker.
Very bright and exceptionally knowledgeable around the digital health space, Kat is also a confident, engaging speaker. An absolute pleasure to know and learn from.

Paul Davies 
Account Manager at Design Sorted

Kat is fantastic to work alongside. Her passion for mental health and her expert knowledge of public, private, NHS and charity work combined with her well-natured approach, meant that she was always the first point of call for any client. She worked extremely hard and I look forward to working with her in the future.

Jimmy Ryan
Junior Front End Developer at Ruin Studio

Working alongside Kat on Buddy App we managed various areas of the mental health Start-up. As with the nature of this environment, this meant retaining very good time management whilst juggling multiple responsibilities. These included, to which Kat performed diligently, the management of current accounts, networking to form new business and give presentations at various events/levels. Kat was brilliant in utilising her lived in experience coupled with her business knowledge to provide empathetic yet relevant information to various individuals; including senior NHS staff, patients, VCs and fellow team members. In addition to personal influence, Kat provided a great online presence supporting me in managing the social media and online materials of Buddy.

NHS England

Temo Donovan
Project Manager at NHS England 

In my role as PPI lead in the mental health SCN team I found Katherine’s wealth of knowledge and expertise around stakeholder engagement particularly on people with lived experience of mental illness invaluable. Katherine was an excellent source of information for our stakeholder meetings and conferences either presenting information herself or providing us with contacts relevant to our events. Working with Katherine was a pleasure and she provided many of the SCN teams with support, advice and guidance on many aspects of mental health and working with people with lived experience.

Katherine Pugh
Recruitment Events Officer at The Future Leaders Trust 

I connected with Kat when working on a campaign with b-eat, dealing with waiting times and access to treatment within mental health. Kat was a significant asset to this campaign, through her knowledge and contacts across the sector. Kat is exceptionally hardworking and committed to helping others and this certainly came through when working with me on my project. I would recommend her and wish her all the best in future endeavors.

Andrea Marlow
Business Development at NHS England

I had the pleasure of working with Kat during her role with myhealthlondon at NHS England. Kat not only fully took on this role and its responsibilities, but went above and beyond the call of duty in working with partner teams and organisations, including the London Clinical Networks (my team), where she presented on a number of topics of great interest to our stakeholders and was selected as a member of one of our key strategic clinical leadership groups. Kat’s enthusiasm, ambition, knowledge and ability to actively engage with every type of person has been also demonstrated through her activities outside of her daily work, as she led tweet chats for young people, and even presented on mental health at a local high school, at the request of the Head of Year to whom I’d introduced her. Her determination to act and deliver in the best interest for people is exceptional, and any organisation would find her an incredible asset to their team.

Jenna Evans
Theatre and Admissions Manager at North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust

Kat is not only extremely knowledgable on all matters health care she is passionate and committed to improving and developing services. She is always approachable and keen to help in anyway possible. She has many skills but I remember her best for her enthusiam when supporting team members with IT/social media and tech skills related to health care.

Grainne Bellenie
Patient and Public Participation Account Manager at NHS England 

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Kat on a recent national young people’s event that I was responsible for delivering. Co-producing the event with young people they were really keen to have a mental wellbeing focus and hear real lived experience from an inspirational speaker. Kat was recommended to me as someone with passion, drive and the ability to engage an audience of all ages. In my initial conversations with her I could see why she has such a respected reputation for her work. Kat brought her expertise to the planning phase, was proactive in supporting delivery of the whole day and delivered her role as a key speaker at the event with high degree of knowledge and professionalism, her genuineness and passion engaged the whole room. Initial feedback suggests individuals were personally touched by her talk, relating to it on so many levels really provoking personal thought and breaking down barriers, as it was intended to do. Kat is a truly dedicated and passionate about her work with the ability to positively influence other. I would personally recommend her work and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again


Lucie Russell
Director of Campaigns and Media at YoungMinds

Its been fantastic working with Kat, we seconded her to NHS London to create the brilliant wellhappy app and also she was on the steering group who helped us create Headmeds. Kat is really creative, passionate about the cause, a strategic thinker and a really hard worker, I would definitely recommend her!

Christopher Walker
Novelist & Director of Fundraising at Young Minds

Kat is terrific. She has a great brain on her, is resourceful, learned, diligent and, frankly, always a joy to work alongside. She is trusted across YoungMinds, and is a gifted writer, strategic thinker and public speaker. 

I have often sought – and will continue to seek – her opinion and her knowledge. Time and again (and always happily) she has helped YoungMinds secure major grants through working with senior management and project staff both in the construction of projects, and through the presentation of funding bids. I remember in particular her composure and gravitas before a panel of numerous major grant-making trusts, and how she spoke with calm and convincing power — and how we secured that grant because of it. There have been many others. 

Likewise I recall the mixed feelings I had when she was taken on board by the NHS: I was at once happy and confident in her ability to do the job, and envious that she was with the NHS, when I had hoped she would apply for a full time post, written with her in mind, at YoungMinds.

Christopher Leaman
Policy and Public Relations Manager at YoungMinds

Kat is a talented writer and accomplished media performer who is able to demonstrate her passionate advocacy in all her work. She has a fantastic ability to take complex issues and topics and turn them into clear, concise, accessible language which enables her to speak across a range of audiences from professionals to the wider general public. Kat is an excellent communicator and is someone I have no hesitation in recommending.

Paula Lavis
Coalition Coordinator Policy and Campaigns at Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition

I worked with Katherine when I worked at YoungMinds where she was a member of the Very Important Kids (VIK) Group; and she was a member of a group I facilitated on behalf of the then National Advisory Council (NAC)for Children and Young People’s Mental Health. I have known her for about 4-5 years.  

My role was to write policy proposals that were in response to a Government consultation, or to directly influence Government in the case of the NAC. Ensuring that young people’s views and experiences are included in this is essential. Katherine has a sharp mind and had a lot to contribute to these groups. She was always able to convey her experiences and views in a helpful and thoughtful way, but could also think beyond this and consider what would need to happen to change things. 

I have always found Katherine to be a very intelligent and personable, and a pleasure to work with. She has good networking and facilitation skills. For instance, she is good at encouraging other young people in the wider VIK group to share their views, or would speak on behalf of those who weren’t perhaps so confident to speak openly. This also highlights other skills, such as being compassionate, and being able to actively listen to other people. 
I have heard her speak at events on numerous occasions and she is very articulate and doesn’t seem to be phased by having to stand up in front of a room full of people. 

Melea Mapes
Marketing Manager at YoungMinds

Kat’s passion and drive to improve children and young people’s mental health shines through in her commitment to working and volunteering at YoungMinds, across a variety of projects, for the last 6.5 years. The organisation has hugely benefited from her expertise in web and social media content creation, forum building, public speaking, campaigning, project and bid support, evaluation, being ‘a critical friend’, peer networking, support and facilitation. She is intelligent, conscientious and a pleasure to work with.

Seema Inamdar
Community Manager at Depression Alliance

Kat is a valued member of the VIK group. She has a vast knowledge of mental health issues and campaigns and is adept at using digital media to explore and promote the work she does with YoungMinds. I would have no hesitation in hiring Kat myself and thoroughly recommend her as a hard working, creative and knowledgeable young woman.

Roger Catchpole
Training & Development Manager at YoungMinds

Kat is an excellent ambassador for YoungMinds and has spoken at national conferences and been involved in training. She uses her personal experience to inform, engage and inspire others. Feedback from events in which Kat and I have been involved testifies to the impact of her contributions and to the power of her willingness to use her own story to raise awareness and challenge stereotypes.

Naomi Barrow
Student at the University of York

Kat is a pleasure to work with. She always takes the time to understand what you’re asking before providing a response. She is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about mental health and young people. She will go out of her way to help you when necessary and is quick to respond to any queries. I’m sure that she will excel in anything she is given the opportunity to take part in”

Yvonne Collins
National Team Leader for Advocacy at YoungMinds

Katherine is passionate, committed, enthusiastic, intelligent, articulate with a dry sense of humour. I can’t recommend Katherine enough!

Michelle Younger
Senior Targeted Prevention Practitioner at Northamptonshire County Council

Katherine showed an incredible amount of knowledge and experience in working to change the attitudes of professionals around mental health and young people, We worked to develop a workshop for psychiatrists to better involve young people in their services which took place at the 3rd World Congress of Cultural Psychiatry in March 2012 and was very well received. She is focused, organised and efficient

Helene Denness
Public Health Consultant

Kat is a fabulous advocate for mental health. She is committed to improving mental health in England whether that be through effective commissioning, training, advocacy or technological approaches. Kat’s input to VIK supported the development of the strategy and helped shaped Young Mind’s approach to engaging young people. 

Kat’s lived experience is just what we need to inform the commissioning and evaluation of mental health services. As a public health consultant I value the input of someone with lived experience like Kat every bit as much as academic analysis. Kat would be an asset to any organisation working on mental health.

I also see Kat’s skills as eminently transferable to any health related work particularly if this work has an advocacy or insight element. 

Kat is a committed worker with a broad skill set; it’s hard to imagine an organisation who wouldn’t benefit from her input.

Grace Jeremy
Wellcome Trust PhD Student in Structural, Chemical and Computational Biology at ISMB

Katherine is undoubtedly the most passionate and dedicated person I have met during my 6 years of experience in health and social care. We first met on the YoungMinds participation project in 2010 and I was impressed not only by her proficiency as a facilitator and speaker, but also by her ability to welcome, engage and encourage people to do the best job they can. I know Katherine to be committed, adaptable, efficient and organised- attributes confirmed by the reams of experience in the range of roles detailed on her profile. Importantly, she achieves all this whilst remaining approachable. I can genuinely say that I always look forward to working with Katherine, and I’m sure that any of her future employers or colleagues will share my sentiments.

Andrew Japp
Client Strategy Director at Panlogic

Katherine was lead on a mobile project we were delivering for NHS London, it was a complex multichannel project with a great number of stakeholders. She was very diligent and hard working making sure that everything was a success and everyone was included. She demonstrated fantastic knowledge about young people’s issues and was a great source of inspiration.


Yvonne Anderson
Owner at Cernis Limited and Sixteen25

Kat responded immediately to the brief with a structured, coherent approach. She understood very quickly what was required and used her initiative to provide more. The job was completed on time, with excellent results. Very professional and knowledgeable.


Jane Burns
CEO at Young and Well CRC

If Kat lived in Australia I would be snaffling her up to work on my team immediately. Kat is passionate, driven and a leader in the making.

Gaby Jeffs
Producer & Director at Magneto Films Ltd. 

We recently worked with Kat to produce a film outlining the case for for a new London-wide digital mental wellbeing service. Kat helped us produce a powerful film by speaking honestly and openly about her experiences of coping with mental health issues. I was so impressed by Kat, for her clarity of vision and purpose and her easy way in front of the camera. She was very professional and great to work with. I’m very proud of the film we made together. The film put the service users perspective very clearly and we were all delighted when the London’s Mental Health Priority Board recently announced that the service has been commissioned and is likely to be launched in Autumn 2015

Sarah Amani
Senior Program Manager at Oxford Academic Health Science Network

I have worked with Katherine on various youth mental health projects and always found her to be extremely helpful, expert and resourceful in driving for services that we would all happily accessor recommend to our friends and families. Thanks Kat

Jennifer Hills
Receptionist at Civil Service Club

I have been lucky enough to know Kat from her university studies right through her career. She is a tireless, passionate, caring person who gives everything to her work. She is so inspirational, both in her personal life and through her causes. I have been inspired to join many projects she was worked on simply through her enthusiasm and careful knowledge. I was able to nominate her for a V Inspired award for her work on mental health apps. In a world of technology, Kat’s work is at the forefront of making mental health resources available to those in need.

Paul Davies
Founder, Design Sorted

Kat is fantastic to work alongside. Her passion for mental health and her expert knowledge of public, private, NHS and charity work combined with her well-natured approach, meant that she was always the first point of call for any client. She worked extremely hard and I look forward to working with her in the future.

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