Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series looking to reach Kickstarter goal



Final Fantasy fans may be excited to learn that a mission to create a Final Fantasy VII web series is in the works. Using Kickstarter, Shinra Productions LLC hopes to earn their goal of $400,000 in order to create the first season of Final Fantasy VII, which will contain 5-6 episodes lasting about 15-20 minutes each and continue until the plate scene in Midgar. And it seems their status with Square Enix is pretty solid.


“The team is very familiar with how Square Enix has dealt with fan projects in the past and has taken every step to avoid becoming a statistic. Several steps have been taken so far to give us the best possible chance of success.

“We have sent several letters and emails to many departments of SE which we know have been received and read. Square’s general legal counsel has been aware of this project for…

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